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  • Excess Malpractice Liability

    • Excess Malpractice Liability Up to $23,000,000 available.
    • Excess of primary RCDSO policy $2,000,000
    • Claims Made 
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    This is a CLAIMS made policy, following the terms of the primary RCDSO mandatory Malpractice Liability policy. In order to trigger coverage under this policy, a claim must be made against you during the policy period and the act(s) which lead to the claim must have occurred on or after the Retroactive date (date of first Excess policy purchased with no gap in coverage and matching limits).

  • Legal Expense Insurance

    • Legal Expense Insurance $50,000 per occurrence
    • Annual Aggregate Limit $250,000
    • Defense Costs
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    Optional Legal Expense coverage. This policy will pay for the costs of investigation, defense and potential settlement to protect you against alleged negligence claims.